opening-shotCandidate Games is a television documentary about two GenY candidates challenging for the position of Lord Mayor in what turned out to be a very controversial election, where questions of ethics and transparency in government took centre stage.

Money has been flooding into Perth on the back of a decade long mining boom and with an annual council budget of $200 million dollars, the role of Lord Mayor is a tempting prize. Candidate Reece is only 28yrs, one of the youngest ever Lord Mayoral nominees, and has a drive and ambition unusual for someone of his tender age. Candidate Mike, 33yrs, is the chalk to Reece’s cheese: an entrepreneur with some big ideas who wants to add Lord Mayor to his impressive and eclectic resume, and turn Perth into a city full of electric cars. Standing in the way of both GenY candidates is a popular 2-term incumbent and baby boomer: Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi. The bookies have Lisa as the runaway favourite, yet Reece and Mike may have timed their ‘David vs. Goliath’ attempts to seize power perfectly, with an investigation from The Corruption and Crime Commission looming over her head. The stage is set for an explosive postal election, where three candidates with very different ideas about how to rule a capital city will clash head to head.

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Broadcast date: ABC2/iView Dec 7th, 9:30pm (Opening Shot 4)

This interactive documentary takes its users deep into one of Australia’s most unique, spectacular and mysterious marine environments; the Kimberley marine wilderness. Beneath the Waves allows users to experience the unique flora, fauna and habitats of the region, as seen through the eyes of some very intrepid marine biologists. These top marine scientists must face their fears and brave the many dangers lurking in this extreme environment, learning everything they can about its inhabitants and their habitats so they can be protected for future generations.

5 Years in the making, our Interactive Documentary exploring the Kimberley marine wilderness is available on the WA Museum’s site @:

Beneath The Waves Interactive Marine Science documentary exploring the Kimberley Region of Western Australia.

Beneath The Waves Interactive Marine Science documentary exploring the Kimberley Region of Western Australia.

The Men’s Project was an interactive documentary and cultural mapping project undertaken with elders and young men from the Banyijima & Nyiyaparli groups of the eastern Pilbara. Periscope Pictures and Anthropology company Anthropos Australis worked with the men over a period of two years, recording many of their most precious songs and stories of important cultural sites on location. By geo-tagging these songlines and then making them available in a rich media embedded Google Map for future generations to access, the project pushed the limits of today’s converging technologies, showing that mapping and media in tandem can be an extremely powerful tools for cultural maintenance and preservation.


Hunter: For The Record - 2012

Winner ‘Best Documentary Long Form’ at the West Australian Screen Awards 2013. This feature length music documentary Premiered at Revelation Film Festival and has screened at ACMI and CineFest Oz. Robert Hunter was known as a pioneer of musical genre, a young father, avid digital enthusiast, alcoholic, and, finally, as a terminal cancer patient. When Hunter found out at age 35 that his time on earth was to be cut cruelly short, he decided not to retreat inwards but to use digital tools to share his physical, emotional and musical journey into uncharted territory. A raw tale of redemption and fatherhood, of musical fanaticism and courage in the face of adversity. The DVD launched in October 2013 and is being distributed by Obese Records.

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141 Dachshunds – 2010

Attempting a large scale art installation in Australia, artist Bennett Miller finds himself not only in a logistical nightmare, but also deep inside the strange world of obsessive dachshund owners. Though he never thought building a scale model of one of the United Nations meeting room and replacing the dignitaries with live dachshunds would be easy, he had no idea just where it would lead him. 141 Dachshunds follows his emotional, logistical and at times downright strange journey into large-scale artwork, dachshunds and their owners, culminating in likely chaos in front of the Melbourne Museum in May 2010.

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Thicker Than Salsa – 2007

This is the story of a half Mexican / half Australian man searching for the essence of his father’s country. As he travels around Mexico getting to know his Mexican family, this film explores his ability to connect with the Mexican culture and people, as somebody who is only ‘half’ Mexican.


Consume This – 2006

This award winning, experimental documentary / stockumentary melded public domain archival footage and shot footage with in a personal narrative in an attempt to understand consumerism. Winner of the $10000 prize for the Buy My Duck award at the 2006 Revelation Film Festival, Screenwriting Award.